Our inventory is made of a wide selection of different style glassware, linen, and plate options. Tables and chairs come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the layout and design of each unique event.

Flatware – “Needlepoint” Pattern

Butter Knife – Units of 10

Dessert Fork – Units of 10

Dinner Fork – Units of 10

Dinner Knife – Units of 10

Espresso Spoon – Units of 10

Iced Tea Spoon – Units of 10

Salad Fork – Units of 10

Soup Spoon – Units of 10

Steak Knife Units of 10

Tablespoon – Units of 10

Teaspoon – Units of 10


We offer place settings in White, Gold rim, or Clear.

Clear Coffee Creamer

Clear Sugar Bowl

Plate 10″ Gold Rim

Plate 6″ Gold Rim Units of 10

Plate 7″ Gold Rim Units of 10

Plate 7″ Clear Glass Units of 10

Plate 9″ Clear Glass Units of 10

White Coffee Cup

White Coffee Mug

White Creamer

White Espresso Cup

White Espresso Saucer

White Plate 12″

White Plate 7″

White Plate 6″

White Saucer 6″

White Soup Plate 9″

White Sugar Bowl


Balloon Champagne 9oz. (rack of 36)

Beer Pilsner 12.5oz. (Rack of 36)

Fluted Champagne 6oz. (rack of 36)

Highball (rack of 36)

Ice Cream Dish 4oz. (rack of 25)

Irish Coffee Mug 8oz. (rack of 25)

Jelly Jar 8oz. (rack of 25)

Martini 10oz. (rack of 12)

Mason Jar 14oz. (rack of 25)

Pint 16oz. (rack of 25)

Rocks 9oz. (rack of 20)

Shot Glass – Double (rack of 48)

Soda 11oz. (rack of 25)

Stemless Martini (rack of 12)

Stemmed Pilsner 10oz (rack of 36)

Water 11oz. (rack of 25)

White Wine 12.5oz. (rack of 25)

Wine 8oz. (rack of 25)

Irish Coffee Mug


“Please check out the link to view all colors and fabrics we have to offer.

The list below consists of the most commonly used tablecloth sizes.

Banquet 72″x120″ White

Banquet 90″x132″ White

Banquet 90″x156″ – White

Linen Table Runner 12″x 108″

Napkin 24″x24″ – White

Round 108″ – White

Round 120″ – White

Round 132″ White

Round 90″ – White

Round 96″ – White

Skirt Bar Top Table 10’x16″ – White

Square 54″ –

Square 72″

Table Skirt – 14′

Square 90″