Heating & Cooling, Electrical, and Lighting

Heating & Cooling

Our heating inventory consists of LB white heaters and duct work. Tent heater are sized according to tent dimensions and outdoor temperatures. Heaters are placed on the outside of tents and hot air is pumped through a duct under the side of the the tent.

Air conditioning is sized according to outside temperature, tent dimensions, number of guests, and desired inside temperature.

170,000 BTU Heater

80,000 BTU Heater

Air Conditioning

Barn Fan

Pole Mounted Fan

Heat Diffuser Large

Heating Duct 20′

Patio Heater 40,000 BTU

Power Generation

We can bring the electricity to your event.

Cable 50′ Cam Lock

Distribution Box 6 120v outlet

Generator – 40KW Diesel

7000WATT Honda Generator


We offer a few different options for event lighting listed below. For additional lighting options and displays, we are able to work with any outside lighting vendor to achieve the desired look and affect a client is looking for along with a sufficient power source.

2000 Watt Dimmer

Bistro Lighting – 55′ String

Christmas Lighting – 20 Ft.

Extension Cord 100′

Extension Cord 50′

Perimeter Globe Lights – 50′

Spot Light PAR 38/64