How we can help to make the process even easier!

Not Sure How to Go About Choosing a Tent Size For Your Event?

Here are a few questions to help guide you through your decision….

  • How many people will be attending?
  • What type of surface will the tent be installed on? Grass, gravel, blacktop etc? Is the surface level?
  • What size and shape tables do you prefer?
  • Will you need a head table, buffet table, cake table, beverage area, etc.?
  • Will your event continue into the evening hours? Do you need lights or heaters?
  • Would you like a dance floor under the tent?
  • Does your entertainment require a surface for their equipment? Do you need a stage?
  • Is it a buffet or sit down dinner?
  • Does your caterer require a seperate area for food preperation?
  • Be sure to check for any underground hazards such as septic tanks, leach fields, underground wires or pipes before Cantele Tent Rentals arrives on site.
  • Please notify us of any overhead hazards or width restrictions on the property before we arrive for installation.
  • Check access to the site so our vehicles can come in and out as efficiently and safely as possible.

Below is a list of guidelines and procedures that will help ensure the smooth delivery and pick up of any rental order.

Please review our Rental Checklist, and then return the signed PDF.

  • Delivery will be arranged the week of the event date.
  • Delivery can be as many as 3-4 days in advance of an event or as close as the day before an event
  • Pick up can be as soon as the day following an event or as late as 2-3 days after an event (Sundays included)
  • If there are any specific delivery time frames, locations, or pick ups – a set delivery day and time can be coordinated with the office for an additional fee- Preferred delivery and pick up times are noted but are not guaranteed.
  • Deliveries and pick ups are to be within 50’ of our delivery vehicle. In the event the distance from the truck is greater than 50’ or there is a circumstance requiring additional labor including but not limited to stairs, elevators, 2nd floor locations, or obstructions in the location of delivery or tent install, additional accommodations can be made in advance for a labor fee.
  • When rental items are delivered, they will be stacked and arranged neatly in the most convenient location nearest the delivery vehicle. Chairs will be stacked or in bags, tables stacked, linens bagged, and all glassware and dishware will be in color-coded racks. When our crews return for pick up all items must be stacked and arranged as they were delivered. Chairs must be rebagged or stacked and all dishware must be rinsed free of food or beverage. All dishware must be returned to the correct racks or containers they arrived in. If the rental items are not arranged in the same manner as they were delivered for pick up, additional fees will apply.
  • Any changes to an order after a rental list has been generated and signed must be written or in email form. A signed rental list and agreement is what will be delivered. Please be sure the list is correct one week prior to delivery.
  • Tent sides are not included with the tent rental. Sides are rented separately. Tent sides do not roll up or tie back. If a customer would like tent sided installed on the tent, arrangements can be made in advance for an additional fee.
  • Tables and chairs are stacked when delivered. Arrangements can be made in advance or table and chair set up for an additional fee.
  • All rental items must be protected from weather at all times. Tables and chairs can be used outside but need to be covered after the use or returned to the delivery location. Tables and chairs cannot be left out uncovered overnight.